Mar 19, 2009

Signature Fun

Transformation of the signature in to Cartoon Face by Dr.Jayadev Babu, M.Sc.,Ph.D., Cartoonist and 2D Animator.

Dr. Sajja Jayadev Babu, M.Sc., Ph.D., is a Cartooonist and 2D Animator. He is my mentor. I got inspired from his simple lines of cartooning and learned how to draw cartoons. He was my faculty for 2D animation.

In the year 2008 I visited his home in Chennai along with my family. My daughter was very curious about to see how he is going to convert her simple signature in to a funky drawing. No one knows what would be the final out come. All were curiously watching the transformation of signature in to cartoon face.

I captured all the action with my Cam Recorder. With his permission I have uploaded the video to youtube on 19 Mar 2009.
Thanks to Dr. Sajja Jayedev Babu for his valuable time.

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