Jan 7, 2007

Butterfly Life Cycle

Recently I animated a part of Butterfly life Cycle for Cocoon.Org.

Screenshot of End of the Part

There are total 4 parts in this animation. I added a Replay button at the end of the Part-I animation to avoid refreshing of the page to watch the animation once again. I will be adding other parts soon.

The First Part is about birth of Caterpillar (Larva)from Egg. The other parts will include singing "Happy Birthday to you" by a bird, Caterpillar's walk cycle, eating and conversion to Pupa (Chrysalis) and finaly taking shape of Butterfly (Adult).

The Life Cycle of Butterfly allways a wonder to me. As a adult Butterfly can't eat. All its eating days ends with Pupa stage. During Caterpillar (Larva) stage it its lot of leafs to grow and remain alive during Pupa stage. As a Adult Butterfly only drinks nectar through its straw like spiril proboscis and live for only short time.
Iam very lazy at doing animations. Lazy because... for any 2D animation, little bit of creativity and preparation prior to animation are essential requirements. Without making few drawings, without use of pencil, rubber and paper it is almost impossible for me to do any animation works on computer. I won't use any Wacom Tablet for artworks that are required for animation.


ensure said...

after reading the story i liked it but i am not able to see the animation hope it will be good after reading the story

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ramkee said...

I also provided link to butterfly animation above the image.

Thanks for your comments.
~ Ramakrishna