May 28, 2006

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For me the difficult task in illustration is making rough sketches. My best time for Sketching is morning hours. Pencil and Eraser are my best friends. Scribbling...Scribbling...Scribbling...without much attention to details. Almost careless light and dark pencil lines till I get the correct anotomy of my sketches. When Iam happy with my drawings then I switch over to inking.
The following drawing tools I use for sketching and inking:

(1) HB pencil
(2) Non - dust eraser
(3) Crowquill nibs
(4) Camel Waterproof Drawing Ink 07 ( 07 is product code. Qty 20ml. Cost 13 INR).
(5) No.2 Brush for filling dark loops in drawing like hair and shades.
Qty-20 ml is sufficient for me to ink plenty of drawings. Fortunately this ink available in all stationary shops nearby me.

All imaginary light and dark lines of my sketches will have their perfect details during inking process. Till that time it is difficult to assume viewers what pose is it exactly. When I finished with inking I will let my sketch to dry say about 5 minutes. Then my daughter will assist me to erase all pencil lines.
The Final process is scaning. I normally scan all my black and white drawings at 300 dpi and save them in Tiff format in photoshop.
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Rough Sketching, Scanning And Coloring Tutorials

Scribble and scribble till you get the required image in your mind. Do not Pay Much attention to details. Details like eyes, ears and other minute parts can be added at last once you are happy with posture of the required character.

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Step - by - Step tutorial will guide you how to make a rough sketching, scanning and coloring in photoshop.

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Shara said...

Great Work!!!
this is a good link you can refer Art Collection

Ramakrishna P said...

Thank you!

send-money-to-india said...

Nice work Rama - i like all your work - reminds me of those old school days - can u draw a caricature of mine? how much is your rate?

Ramakrishna P said...

thankyou send-money-to-india

mrityunjeyan said...

Quite nice. I have a photo blog mostly nature shots. Please have a look and let me know your opinion. If interested, we may exchange links.

Ramakrishna P said...

Thanks Mritunjeyan, I will contact you soon for link exchange.

Rose DesRochers said...

You are very talented.

Ramakrishna P said...

Thanks Rose desrochers,
I visited your blog. Cool colors and I liked the content.