Feb 7, 2008

Valentine's Day Greetings From India

From India..."Happy Valentine's Day" to all!
Showcasing "Valentine's Day Greeting Card" featuring "INDIAN" lovers at a Park.

Making of this Greeting Card:

Rough Sketches:

The final greeting made from different graphics drawn separately and combined them in photoshop.

Take the help of light box.
Draw the background first.
Next draw the required cartoon character on separate paper by keeping them over background layout. After inking scan all the graphics to photoshop and color them. Drag one by one on to single file. Resize and arrange them to add depths.

This is very easy way of composing scenes. Same background can be used for other drawings. Individual characters also can be utilised for some other purpose.


Seraphine said...

Fun tutorials!
Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

Mim said...

thanks for the visit and the link to the tutorials, great fun.

Faruffa said...

Your illustrations are so nice and your blog is so instructive

Ramakrishna said...

Thanks seraphine, mim and faruffa for your kind words. I value your comments and put my best efforts to improve my skills. All the best to everyone.
~ Ramakrishna

Maksa said...

RamKrishna :) you are really talented. it's hard to do these kind of drawing

Ramakrishna said...

Hi Maksa,
Thanks a lot for your kind words.