Feb 6, 2008

Blanket Illustrations/Cartoons

After a gap of one year, again here are my pencil sketches and colored illustrations created for Illustration Friday weekly topics . Illustration Friday inspired me a lot to drive away my laziness and made me to search for my art material.

The following first two cartoon/illustrations are rough sketches created on paper. Other two are after inking and coloring in photoshop.

The color images are output of my usual procedure. That is inking, scanning and coloring.

Creating children characters is great thrill. I know the body proportions are not perfect...but I could not restrict myself to post in my blog. There is lot of inspiration around. I need to practice a lot about drawing children faces.

Now there is something to blog every week. Thanks to Illustration Friday!.


Bee said...

Lovely sketches, glad you included those.

Ramakrishna said...

Thanks bee. It is always a good idea to include rough sketch of final colored drawings. Analyzing different artists rough sketches will really inspire. :)

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Nice work! I like your illustrations. Thanks for stopping by too!

Seraphine said...

The little girl reading in bed is wonderful.